Tan Zhongshan Plaza to celebrat LED Panel Light SeriesLED Downlight SeriesLED Ceiling Light SeriesLED Light CUP Series
Zhongshan EATA Optoelectronics Technology lights are located in China - Guzhen, since its inception, the company is committed to LED indoor commercial lighting, development, production and sales of LED home lighting. The company COB series of products for the core, flagship LED downlight, LED ceiling light, LED lamp cup, LED bulb, LED panel light products. The company has equipped the new R & D center, Nissan's production team over a million layers to control the QC procedures, improve sales and service center. Company to "green lighting, low-carbon life" theme for the community to create the industry's most responsible corporate action goals, commitment to provide customers with the most cost-effective LED lighting products. Tan Yi put a product on the market, with high quality, competitive prices, excellent service, access to the vast market dealers and traders of all ages. Market strategies by the company, now has the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Russia and other regions a large number of quality customers, but also great reputation in the country. Tan Yi people will spare no effort for the well-being of the community, staff welfare. To build China LED indoor lighting industry model.
  • ETPB-6V6

  • ETPB-12V3

  • ETPB-6V3

  • ETPB-3V3

  • ETMB-J6V6

  • ETQP-C24

  • ETQP-C18

  • ETQP-C15

  • ETQP-C12

  • ETQP-C9